Nagisa Hazuki ⥬ Episode 11


yes, but have you considered Ariel Makoto?


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"He moves around soundlessly, and it feels like he’ll run away somewhere if I take my eyes off him. It’s as if he’ll disappear in a puff of air… I’m always seeking him out."

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TRACK: あの夏のロングスローディスタンス (Cut ver.)
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Translate :

Haru : This is..
Makoto : What’s wrong Haru? you found something good?
Haru : Yes. there is pool interest part time job
Nagisa : it’s really fit you well Haru-chan!
Makoto : you can’t do it Haru!
Haru : why not Makoto?
Makoto : There is big pool in front of your eyes and peoples swimming happily, but you can’t swimming there! Haru, can you control yourself?
Haru : eh!? i can..
Makoto : answer it by looking at my eyes!
Haru : (looking at makoto’s eyes) i..i can’t..
Rei : as expected Makoto senpai, He can recognize Haruka senpai’s action earlier!

I’m sorry if there is mistake in my translation m_._m

But really.. i love the way makoto says 「俺を目を見て答えて!」 or “answer it by looking at my eyes” asdfghjkjhgfds o<-<

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samezuka members are soooooo cuuuuute~~~~~~~~~

Work by やぎ

Work by やぎ